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ÖlfarbenSet ArtCreation | 12x 12ml
ÖlfarbenSet ArtCreation | 12x 12ml

ÖlfarbenSet ArtCreation | 12x 12ml

  • Inexpensive, brilliant oil color
  • Great color selection
  • For wet in wet techniques
  • Based on vegetable oil
  • Color stable if wet or dry
  • Used Royal Talens quality
Content: 144 Milliliter (€5.49 * / 100 Milliliter)
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Talens Art Creation Oil Color is a versatile color variety that can be used to work both thin and pasty. The color is made from pigments and vegetable oil and gives intense shades of color. Oil paint is suitable for all oil techniques such as wet-on-wet, layer painting and glazing.
As the color dries very slowly, you can correct and continue painting for a long time. The unique thing about oil paint is that it dries exactly the way you applied it. There is no volume loss and the brushstroke has the same sharpness when wet and dry. In addition, no color changes take place during the drying process. So you always know exactly which color result you get.

Set includes: 12 Tubes a´ 12ml

Tones: 105-205-200-334-318-504-530-662-227-411-409-701