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Pigma Micron Set | 6x Pigma Micron, 1x Pigma Brush, 1x Pigma Micron PN

Pigma Micron Set | 6x Pigma Micron, 1x Pigma Brush, 1x Pigma Micron PN

Set mit 6 Finlinern, einem Brush Pen mit Pinselspitze und einem Every Day Pen.

  • 0,20 mm
  • 0,25 mm
  • 0,30 mm
  • 0,35 mm
  • 0,45 mm
  • 0,50 mm
  • Brush-Pinselspitze
  • Every Day Pen PN
Content: 8 Stück (€1.86 * / 1 Stück)
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The Pigma Micron Fineliner in 6 line widths with a Pigma Micron Brush Pen in the set.

For drawing and illustration, both in the technical and artistic fields. The unique Sakura Pigma ink does not punch through the paper and is document-proof. Sakura Pigma ink has a neutral pH after drying.

Fineliner PIGMA MICRON are characterized by the following characteristics as special:

  • the most important stroke weights in a set
  • The unique Pigma ink is permanent, color, water and lightfast
  • fine tip
  • the ink does not press through the paper
  • writes almost on any porous surface
  • Excellent for use on tracing paper

Set includes  each of:

  • 0.20 mm
  • 0.25 mm
  • 0.30 mm
  • 0.35 mm
  • 0.45 mm
  • 0.50 mm
  • Brush-Pen
  • Every Day Pen PN