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Evolution Silverline | Airbrush Basis Set

Airbrush set with compressor and accessories (connection material, airbrush holder and airbrush cleaner).
As an airbrush from "Harder & Steenbeck" you can choose from:

  • "Evolution Silverline solo" with nozzle set 0.2mm, 2ml paint cup or
  • "Evolution Silverline 2in1" with nozzle set 0.2mm & 0.4mm, 2ml & 5ml paint cup

As an airbrush compressor you have various SparMax models to choose from.

You can also choose whether you want the set without colors or with the "AirbrushColor4you color set" at a preferential price.

You can find more information in the product description.

€424.70 €399.00 -25.7 €
Content: 1 Set
Prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs
Artikel-Nr. HC_777860

Airbrush Choice:

Kompressor Auswahl:

Your set choices::

Whether it's a basic set with 6 or 10 pens, a theme set, or at least: I want EVERY set. It's your choice.

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"EVOLUTION SILVERLINE Airbrush Basic Set" is the perfect start for the quality-conscious user.

The airbrush set for endless areas of application, e.g. model building, figure building, image design, custom painting, food design, textile painting, 3D printing, nail design and medium-sized applications.

The ideal airbrush set for the ambitious beginner! Choose your components and put together your set.

We offer you various options to choose from. You have the option of whether you want your "Silverline airbrush" as a "solo or 2in1" version.

When it comes to compressors, you can also choose from various models from the premium manufacturer SparMax. And last but not least, you decide whether your "Airbrush Basic Set" should be delivered without colors or with the "AirbrushColor4you Set".

Check the price & do your thing!

The Airbrush Basic Set includes:

  • Airbrush compressor SparMax after selection
  • Harder & Steenbeck Evolution airbrush
  • Airbrush holder to screw on
  • Connection material: hose and mini quick coupling on gun side
  • Airbrush cleaner

You choose your preferred airbrush variant.

  • "EVOLUTION Silverline solo" with 0.2mm nozzle set, plug-in cup 2ml (item no. 126023) or
  • "EVOLUTION Silverline 2in1 Set" with 0.2mm & 0.4mm nozzle set, cup 2ml & 5ml (Art.Nr.126003)

These SparMax models are available for selection of oil-free airbrush compressors:

The performance characteristics of the models are to be considered equivalent to their values: Air tank: 2.5 ltr. / air capacity 23ltr - 28ltr / pressure 4bar / 54db (A)

  • TC 610 Hn - Single motor version without housing / 6.5 kg
  • TC 610 H plus - Single motor version with housing / 8kg
  • TC 620 X - Two-motor version with housing / 11kg
  • AC 500 - Two-motor version without housing, open construction / 11kg

TC 620 X & AC 500 are double piston models. Their advantage is the same performance with twice the power of the motor. This leads to shorter running times of the engine.

Description: Evolution airbrush

The "EVOLUTION Silverline airbrush" is a very high quality airbrush "Made in Germany" by Harder & Steenbeck. The Silverline model is characterized by its slim silver design, the balanced balance as well as the solvent-resistant center piece and a limitation of the amount of paint.

  • Color apparatus with innovative lever mechanism
  • Easy to use
  • Future-oriented construction
  • Brilliant spray pattern
  • Self-centering plug-in nozzle
  • Screw-threaded mug
  • incl. plug-in nipple

Harder & Steenbeck since 1923 - Innovative manufacturer of airbrush spray guns since 1950.

Description SparMax compressors

Sparmax are among the world's most efficient and powerful oil-free compressors. SparMax compressors are maintenance-free, lightweight and extremely quiet. They are characterized by particularly good quality, reliability and durability.

Description airbrush color "AirbrushColor4you"

AirbrushColor4you - a color for everyone, whether beginner or professional.

A water-based airbrush paint for custom painting, illustration, model making and hobbies that exceeds many expectations. AirbrushColor4you is an acrylic paint with good opacity, excellent flow properties and a very good spray pattern from a nozzle size of 0.15mm. The water-based paint is characterized, among other things, by its ease of use. AirbrushColor4you is a ready-to-use color directly from the practical 50ml bottle with pipette. With the addition of the stretcher, you can make the opaque colors transparent without influencing the quality and properties. The reducer with a maximum addition of 15% can be used to dilute and to improve the flow properties.

Water-based, highly opaque acrylic paint
Durable and lightfast
Ready to spray from a nozzle size of 0.15 mm
Good erasability on paper, illustration boards, etc.
Excellent adhesion to metal, plastic, wood, vinyl, leather


Pistolen Variante

Double Action, Fließbecher Airbrush


Ölfrei, Auto. Abschaltung

Luft & Leistung

with air tank, Power > 20 ltr.


Bilder & Illustration, Custom Painting, Modellbau, Tabletop, Fischköderbau, Wandgestaltung, Nail Design & Kosmetik, Food & Cake, Bildgestaltung

Ideal für:

Einsteiger, Hobby, Profi