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Ultra | Airbrush Modelling Beginner Set

With this airbrush set you can start immediately.

The airbrush set includes a small airbrush compressor with accessories (connection material, airbrush holder and airbrush cleaner).

You can choose from the following airbrush guns

  • Ultra solo with nozzle set 0,2mm, 2ml color cup or
  • Ultra 2in1 with nozzle set 0,2mm & 0,4mm, 2ml & 5ml color cup

also you can choose your starter color set of your preferred modeling color.

You can find more info in the product description.

Mit diesem Airbrush Set kannst Du sofort durchstarten.Modellbau Airbrush Set für Anfänger & EinsteigerDas Set für Modellbau, Table Top und Eisenbahner

Content: 1 Set
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Das Airbrush Set für Einsteiger, Anfänger und Neugierige

Das Airbrush-Komplett-Set um direkt in dein neues Hobby zu starten.


"ULTRA - Modelling Airbrush Beginner Set" the inexpensive entry into the airbrush world ideal for model making, figure building, image design, nail design and medium-sized applications.

Choose your components and assemble your set with your preferred variant.

As a base is included in the modeling set:

  • Airbrush Compressor Series Model 18
  • Connection material with mini quick coupling on the gun side
  • Airbrush holder
  • Airbrush cleaner

As airbrush gun you can choose the "Ultra" from Harder & Steenbeck in 2 versions:

  • "ULTRA solo" with 0,2mm nozzle set, plug-in cup 2ml (Art.No. 125503) or
  • "ULTRA 2in1 Set" with 0,2mm & 0,4mm nozzle set, cup 2ml & 5ml (Art.Nr.125533)

furthermore there is the possibility to choose a modeling paint set:

  • Vallejo Model Air | 8 base set with 8 tones a'17ml
  • AirbrushColor4you Base Set 5+2 | 5 colors and 2 media in pipette bottle a'50ml
  • Createx Classic Color | 4 transparent and 2 opaque shades a'60ml


Description "ULTRA airbrush

The "ULTRA airbrush" is a very high quality airbrush gun "Made in Germany" by Harder & Steenbeck.

This is characterized by:

  • Color apparatus with innovative lever mechanism
  • Easy to use
  • Future-oriented construction
  • Brilliant spray pattern
  • Self-centering plug-in nozzle
  • Plug-cup
  • including plug nipple

Description Airbrush Compressor Series 18:

Small robust piston compressor with automatic shut-off.

Inexpensive entry for model making, cake & pie design, nail art, fine art, airbrush tattoos and many smaller applications.

  • Type: Oil-free piston compressor
  • Suction capacity: 20 l
  • Stepless pressure regulator with manometer and water separator
  • Pressure: 0-4 bar / 58 PSI
  • Real working pressure approx. 2,5bar with nozzle thickness 0,2mm
  • Real working pressure approx. 1,5bar at nozzle thickness 0,5mm
  • Loudness: 47 dB (A) at 1m distance (very low noise)
  • External thread connection 1/8".
  • Weight: 3,9kg
  • Overheating protection
  • Instruction manual



Pistolen Variante

Double Action, Fließbecher Airbrush


Ölfrei, Auto. Abschaltung

Luft & Leistung

without air tank


Bilder & Illustration, Modellbau, Tabletop, Textil & Leder, Lexan & RC, Fischköderbau, Nail Design & Kosmetik, Food & Cake, Bildgestaltung

Ideal für:

Einsteiger, Hobby