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Evolution CR plus | Airbrush Starter Set

Airbrush set with the "ULTRA solo" variant:

  • "ULTRA solo" with nozzle set 0,2mm
  • plug cup 2ml
  • Airbrush Compressor Series 186
  • Airbrush holder
  • connection material
Content: 1 Set
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"EVOLUTION SILVERLINE CR Airbrush Beginner Set" is the perfect start when it comes to airbrushing.
Airbrush set for model building, figure building, image design, custom painting, nail design and medium-sized applications.

The ideal airbrush set for beginners! Choose your components and put together your set.

Whether with the "Evolution CRplus Airbrush Solo" variant or the "Evolution CRplus 2in1 Set".

Check the price & do your thing!


The Airbrush Basic Set includes:

  • Airbrush compressor series 186 with air tank
  • Connection material with mini quick coupling on gun side
  • airbrush holder

You choose your preferred airbrush gun variant.

  • "Evolution CRplus solo" with nozzle set 0.15mm, 2ml paint cup with lid or
  • "Evolution CRplus solo" with nozzle set 0.20mm, 2ml paint cup with lid or
  • "Evolution CRplus 2in1" with nozzle set 0.2mm & 0.4mm, 2ml & 5ml paint cup with lid

The "EVOLUTION CRplus" combines the resilience of the Evolution Silverline with the fine spray pattern and the elegance of the Infinity.

The reliability and the excellent handling of the EVOLUTION was paired with the "fineLine spray head" of the Infinity series. This enables fine work due to the open design of the air cap, as the air flow can escape better and there is less air turbulence on the airbrush.

The unique elegance of the "EVOLUTION CRplus" is underlined with a high-quality triple coating with chrome finish.

In addition to the optimized design, the chrome plating minimizes the risk of allergies for all those who could cause problems with the previous nickel devices.

The Evolution CRplus is also completely solvent-resistant and is equipped with special PTFE seals on the nozzle, cup screw connection and valve.

  • Color apparatus with innovative lever mechanism
  • Easy to use
  • Future-oriented construction
  • Brilliant spray pattern
  • Self-centering plug-in nozzle
  • Screw-threaded mug
  • incl. plug-in nipple

Description Airbrush compressor series 186

Powerful oil-free piston compressor with air tank and automatic switch-off, including water separator, manometer

  • Oil-free piston compressor
  • Suction capacity: 23 l
  • Pressure: 4.1 bar / 60 PSI
  • Tank capacity: 3 l
  • Volume: 45 dB (A) at a distance of 1m Pressure reducer with water separator
  • Weight: 5.2kg
  • Start/stop automatic


Pistolen Variante

Double Action, Fließbecher Airbrush


Ölfrei, Auto. Abschaltung

Luft & Leistung

with air tank, Power > 20 ltr.


Bilder & Illustration, Custom Painting, Modellbau, Tabletop, Textil & Leder, Lexan & RC, Fischköderbau, Wandgestaltung, Nail Design & Kosmetik, Food & Cake, Bildgestaltung

Ideal für:

Einsteiger, Hobby