Compressor Hansa " Aero Pro "

Hansa Aero Pro - Compressors

Hansa aero per oil-piston compressors offer demanding users the ultimate in performance and reliability .

All units are equipped with air tanks, which provide a constant air pressure. The devices provide a pressure of up to 8 bar available. Because of their consistently high suction capacity is oil-piston compressors are ideal for larger applications eg in the area of ​​custom painting or for simultaneous operation of multiple airbrush equipment. The compressors work very quietly, so that they can also operate in stationary stores, in classrooms or at home with a volume by 40 dB by their oil-fired operation. In addition, all units are equipped with a device-saving automatic switch-off, which contributes to the very high durability of the devices.

The Hansa aero-pro series provides compressors for every performance and application area. The instruments provide a working pressure between 3 and 8 bar and enable working with one or more airbrushes with diverse nozzle sizes. The compressors are mainly equipped with air tanks to enable the provision of a consistent air pressure. The instruments are extremely quiet, producing a noise level of only 40 db. All compressors have quick-action couplings to facilitate connection of all conventional paint sprayers.

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