Airbrush Grafo

Grafo - the legendary airbrush for professionals

Top quality specially designed for fine and microfine work! A unique dependent double function makes the Grafo exceptionally ergonomic and balanced.

All Grafo instruments have a self-centring plug-on nozzle system made of high-alloyed nickel silver fixing with memory function ( Quick Fix ).

Grafo is available in three models and covers the entire airbrush technology spectrum as a flow and suction system with different nozzle and cup sizes. A sophisticated, high-quality design rounds off this high-end instrument.

  • Grafo T1 – Bild 1
    Grafo T1 – Bild 2
    Grafo T1 – Bild 3
    Grafo T1 – Bild 4
    Grafo T1

    incl. VAT incl. Shipping

  • Grafo T2 – Bild 1
    Grafo T2 – Bild 2
    Grafo T2 – Bild 3
    Grafo T2

    incl. VAT incl. Shipping

  • Grafo T3 – Bild 1
    Grafo T3 – Bild 2
    Grafo T3

    incl. VAT incl. Shipping

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