Airbrush Hansa

Hansa Topline - controlled double function for perfectly easy operation !

Hansa Topline series airbrushes have a controlled double function where the control lever need only be pulled in one direction to the rear.

Air and paint are mixed automatically. All Topline instruments are equipped with an adjustable paint volume control and a self-centring and self-sealing plug-on nozzle system that enables simple conversion to other nozzle sizes ( 0,2 / 0,3 / 0,4 mm ).

All Topline models are completely chrome plated.

Hansa Hobbyline - user - friendly lever mechanism employing new age technology

All airbrushes in the Hansa Hobbyline series are surprisingly easy to handle and have a smooth lever system with double-action technology and a selfcentring / self-sealing plug-on nozzle system.

Conversion to other nozzle sizes ( 0,2 / 0,3 / 0,4 mm ) can  be achieved easily and rapidly without tools.

Hansa Hobbyline instruments are available as a flow and suction system for large and small-scale paint model construction and custom painting.

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