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Welcome to my personal news ticker :)

The regularity shows in the irregularity ... Or something like that: D. For a long time I haven't found the time to write a little news ticker. But TaDa! Here we go again :).

It's time again for a little news update from your dealer.

Unsere Farbserie AirbrushColor4you wird erweitert

Wie euch bereits im März angekündigt, haben wir neue Farbtöne unserer wasserbasierten Farbserie AirbrushColor4you ins Sortiment genommen. 

Nach langem testen, abstimmen und Namensfindung kommen zum 1. April (Kein Scherz) unsere neuen Farbsets "GRIS GRY" und "GHOST BLACK" auf den Airbrushmarkt. Wir wollen nichts in den Schatten stellen, aber unsere beiden Set´s sind genau dafür da ;)

Das GRIS GRY Farbset ist eine Technik der Malerei die aussschließlich in Grau, Weiß und Schwarz ausgeführt wird. Nutze unsere "GRIS GRY Tones" für Deine Grisaille Malerei und gestalte Bilder die auf reiner Schattenwirkung in Grau beruhen.

Das arbeitsweise mit dem GHOST BLACK Set ist den Tattooartist bekannt. Denn diese Arbeitsweise wird im Tattoo bereich benutzt, um Schattierungen zu gestalten. Teste es mal aus :), denn Schwarz ist nicht gleich schwarz.

Frohe Ostern und bis bald

Euer Oster-Frank 

pssst, pssst, pssst! - Your Dealer is back with some insights

For a long time I wanted to speak up here again. But so far I had not found the peace to write a few lines here.
But now with the March newsletter, Sebastian put me under a little pressure. A lot has happened again.

As you have probably noticed, we have taken over the Profiline stencil series from SK-Brush. That happened pretty quickly and very quietly in autumn 2020. I've had a great relationship with Dimi & Stefan for years. We have already spoken a few times about taking over the stencil series. But Sebastian & I hardly had time to take care of the integration and the production of the stencils. But Dimi & Stefan wanted to break away from their old passion. So we found a great solution for both sides.

We have been familiar with the production of the stencils since November 2020 with the great help of Dimi. It was really tough at the beginning. But now we're getting on well. Because our aim was to maintain the quality level that Dimi had built up over the last few years in a short time. Sebastian and I worked a lot of night shifts to understand the production and also to build up the inventory considerably. Because we don't want to start producing when the order is received, we want to have every template in stock. So that your parcel can be sent quickly as usual.

In the last few months, we have been taking care of the SK-Brush online shop. Now that we have been offering all stencil motifs in our shop since February, we will close it in the next few months (June 2021 at the latest). Because Dimi & Stefan will create a new SK-Brush page for themselves. The name SK-Brush remains with the two, only the Profiline Stencils now belong to the Herterich Products.
Speaking of Herterich Products. Something immediately occurs to me: The color palette of the AirbrushColor4you will be expanded shortly. As already announced at the beginning, the color selection will be expanded "bit by bit" after the start range. In spring 2021, the next colors are as good as finished and are just waiting for you and your opinion.

Opinion? - Today I go from one topic to the next! - How did you like our interview in the Airbrush Step by Step? We had already announced an improved marketing strategy. This has now dragged on a bit, but was the beginning with the interview.

We have also turned a lot to the shipping costs. We now ship free of charge within Germany from € 49.00. We have also significantly reduced and simplified postage costs for other European countries. If it was previously based on weight, we have now changed the amount, analogous to Germany. But it's best to just look under shipping costs.

Opposite from the beginning? - The End! An end to the p ***** is not really in sight. As an online retailer, we are not the big losers. However, I miss our customer traffic in the shop. This always loosened up the day and made it varied. I really hope to get better here soon. Because modern retail is for both: online & offline.

See you soon, stay healthy

Your Frank

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing .... Is the Airbrushdealer everywhere?!

Anyone who has followed me and my activities over the past few years knows that I hardly ever appeared in advertising, advertisements or other activities. I had established my brand airbrush4you through the many airbrush fairs I attended as an exhibitor and also as the organizer of my own trade fair. My goal was and is to build good customer loyalty through service, advice, expertise and honesty. Because I am convinced: With good advice, I can retain a satisfied customer for a long time. This is then (mostly) ready not to look at the last cent. Whereby I always have fair prices, but do not make a price war for cents (the currently crooked prices are due to the 16% VAT;).

From 2018 onwards, I reduced my advertising activities a little. For example, I didn't place any more ads in the airbrush magazine "Airbrush Step by Step". My Facebook activities are sometimes more, sometimes less. The attempt at a newsletter in 2018, which was not only about the sale of products but was designed to be informative, unfortunately quickly fell asleep again through self-infliction.

A lot has changed since then! - Not my conviction, but the customer behavior / demands. In the meantime I have also recognized the steel power my brand "airbrush4you" has and on the other hand that I have to go a new way in terms of marketing.

Our in-house exhibition 2020 is canceled for reasons other than Corona. But this pandemic shows me that it could be difficult to set up such an event in the future. Fortunately, 2022 is still a long way off.

But now to my marketing considerations. Because it is time to break new ground !!

I've come up with a lot of ideas: taking up old ideas again, discarding some of them and letting myself be inspired again. So I have now created a complete package with which I will advertise the "airbrush4you" brand through various channels in the near future.

Click your way through: Blog | Product advisor | Newsletter

For this I decided to place an advertisement in the "Airbrush Step by Step" again. I'm curious how you like the new design. (Glad feedback :)

your #AirbrushDealer

Summer 2020 - Instead of vacation there is a new Color of "Herterich Products"

Colorful greetings from my office,

2020 is going to be a little different from what we wanted on New Year's Eve. The face mask is now the accessory of the hour or of the year and is part of every purchase. We have already heard of customers who accidentally wear the mask out of habit while shopping online: D. - Humans are simply creatures of habit.

We also have to get used to a lot of new things, so my news ticker fell asleep a bit and so did the maintenance of the homepage! But I was not idle and postponed my vacation to autumn. Because there is something new from "Herterich Products":

Since summer 2019 I have been working on a water-based airbrush acrylic paint secretly, quietly and quietly. My standards were high, but I have a real piece of cake as a new color series <3 for you.

After the first tests and settings of the color properties, the #TeamHerterich was of course the only possible first tester! The reaction? - Enthusiasm from custom painters !! Without an elaborate range of colors you wanted to use the color: D. Afterwards there were a few test bottles for Roland Kuck and SK-Brush, which were immediately convinced of the color and found to be marketable.

The airbrush family is small and fine. From April / May 2020, there were individual inquiries from artists and customers when our new color will be launched. This made me very proud and once again confirmed the market suitability.

At that point in time I neither had a name for the color series nor the corresponding bottles. The production of the paint was also not assured, as no color tones had yet been determined.

But you know me: where there is no way, creativity is required.

#TeamHerterich - Association of airbrush artists

When Sascha Schäfer “BullitProof Colors” got to know the American airbrush scene a few years ago as a guest of Mike Lavallee at the Monster Bash in Seattle, he had the idea to bring this spirit to Germany as well.

The mutual support, the showing of tips & tricks, a sociable get-together and also the showing of works of art in an informal atmosphere…. Until then, that was missing in Germany.

So brushing in Germany often feels like an "individual sport". At various trade fairs and exhibitions, which have become less and less in recent years, you can still meet like-minded people to exchange ideas. But this is not an experience of spraying and painting together.

So Sascha thought about counteracting this and set up his “Airbrush Cave” as a home base in Sottrum. With invitations from various airbrush artists, he has started to bring the spirit of Monster Bash to life in Germany. The Airbrush Cave is not a training room or airbrush course, but is a gathering of artists to paint together in the evening or on the weekend and also to drink a beer or two. Contact with the American scene is easy through Facebook and gives the cave an international flair.

While searching for a suitable color for custom painting, Sascha, as a House of Kolor user at the time, first became aware of our shop and then of our "CustomDesignColors". After a few tests, he was taken with our solvent-based ink series and has it as his new No. 1 color selected. Sascha and Andre Eilers established contact via Facebook and were the first member of the loose artist association.

As a long-standing customer, airbrush artist and fan of our paint series, it was a matter of course to present him as an exhibitor at our in-house exhibition 2018. There, with Julian Hümmer, he met long-standing customers and exhibitors at the fair with whom he shared the enthusiasm for our color series. So all three were enthusiastic about the idea of ​​“Cave”, so that mutual invitations and friendships that embodied the airbrush spirit arose. After visiting the Cave of Sascha, Andre and Julian decided to open their own Cave as well. 

At the joint meetings and “cave events”, the enthusiasm for our “Custom-Design-Color” color series was consolidated, so that the artist association has called itself #TeamHerterich.

We have of course seen this as an incredible appreciation and have since underlined this with various sponsorships.

Thank you to

Sascha Schäfer | Andre Eilers | Julian Hümmer

Our Colorseries for #TeamHerterich and Custompainting
Stretcher | CustomDesignColor Stretcher | CustomDesignColor
Content 500 Milliliter (€4.98 * / 100 Milliliter)
From €24.90 *
CLASSIC Tones | CustomDesignColor CLASSIC Tones | CustomDesignColor
Content 100 Milliliter
From €11.90 *
BC Thinner | Herterich Products BC Thinner | Herterich Products
Content 500 Milliliter (€0.98 * / 100 Milliliter)
From €4.90 *
Basic Tones Set | CustomDesignColor Airbrush Serie Basic Tones Set | CustomDesignColor Airbrush Serie
Content 1250 Milliliter (€10.55 * / 100 Milliliter)
€131.90 *
Skin Tones Set | CustomDesignColor Airbrush Serie Skin Tones Set | CustomDesignColor Airbrush Serie
Content 850 Milliliter (€9.92 * / 100 Milliliter)
€84.30 *
Non Gloss Härter No. 25 MS Non Gloss Härter No. 25 MS
Content 250 Milliliter (€3.96 * / 100 Milliliter)
From €9.90 *
Candy Concentrat | CustomDesignColor Candy Concentrat | CustomDesignColor
Content 100 Milliliter
From €24.90 *
No.10 | 1K-Klarlack No.10 | 1K-Klarlack
Content 500 Milliliter (€2.98 * / 100 Milliliter)
From €14.90 *
Clear Base | Basislack Clear Base | Basislack
Content 500 Milliliter (€2.58 * / 100 Milliliter)
From €12.90 *
Gloss Clear No.8 | Klarlack Gloss Clear No.8 | Klarlack
Content 500 Milliliter (€2.58 * / 100 Milliliter)
From €12.90 *
Non Gloss Clear No.5 | Mattlack Non Gloss Clear No.5 | Mattlack
Content 500 Milliliter (€3.98 * / 100 Milliliter)
From €19.90 *
CANDY Lasur | CustomDesignColor CANDY Lasur | CustomDesignColor
Content 100 Milliliter
From €11.90 *
Chrystal Tones | CustomDesignColor Chrystal Tones | CustomDesignColor
Content 100 Milliliter
From €11.90 *
Candy Lasur Set | Custom Design Color Candy Lasur Set | Custom Design Color
Content 500 Milliliter (€11.90 * / 100 Milliliter)
€59.50 *
"On Fire" Set | CustomDesignColor Airbrush Serie "On Fire" Set | CustomDesignColor Airbrush Serie
Content 1250 Milliliter (€9.60 * / 100 Milliliter)
€120.00 *
Klarlack Set | Gloss Clear No.8 Klarlack Set | Gloss Clear No.8
Content 1000 Milliliter (€2.49 * / 100 Milliliter)
From €24.90 *

Corona - Impact on retail

Health everyone!

We are facing a stress test. For our health, for society and also for the economy. Health is our top priority!

Nevertheless, as an employer and self-employed trader, you are worried and worried. After a turbulent year 2019 with large investments, the entry of my son, the restructuring and the realignment, the year 2020 is characterized by enormous pressure. If we are currently still trying to reach our old level, this crisis is coming out of time.

Nevertheless, we are optimistic, because as an online retailer we have the option to continue sending your orders and can generate sales. Compared to pure stationary retailers, we have a chance of generating sales. Nevertheless, the question arises, what happens if the supply chain fails? - This would also be the significant drop in sales for online trading.

Like everything in life, every crisis offers an opportunity! - We are currently working flat out on our online presence to show you as a customer the added value of our many years of experience. With every purchase from us, you support your #airbrushdealer and his team. There is an enormous crisis for health and economy to overcome.

In this sense, please stay healthy and colorful,

your #airbrushdealer

2020 - Preview

Hello friends of the spray guns,

a new year, new projects.

I am proud to say that the internal restructuring has been completed and I can finally dedicate myself to my new project "Shop Optimization". For a long time I was busy adding all articles from our old system "Plentymarkets" into our new ERP system "Pickware", correcting errors and making fun settings. It all took longer than I thought.

NOW it starts to take care of the "interior" of my new home. I will be revising the categories, article descriptions and pictures in the next weeks and months. There is a lot to do, but now I'm going to tackle it.

If you should notice small errors, please feel free to report them in the contact form or by email to You know, many eyes see more than two. You are also welcome to express wishes, suggestions for improvement or criticism. Of course I am just as happy about praise. Mostly even on different platforms like Google and / or Facebook. I am also very happy about the evaluation of various items in my shop! In the future this will serve as a buying aid for undecided. :)


There will be many innovations, because Sebastian and I are bursting with ideas.

For example, there will be an "Airbrush Dealer Tip" in the future. Here I will give small tips on the use, application or handling of different products in different places or in the article description.

My goal is to give the scene more of a shop home than ever to get information and to be the first point of contact as a dealer and consultant. Retail is changing, Amazon & Ebay are taking up more and more space, so it is important to set yourself apart from the competition with know-how, service and advice.

But what have we planned for 2020?

  • Newsletter: We will launch a new newsletter in 2020. With this we will bring you product-specific up to date. You are welcome to register now (register in the footer on the far right :).
  • Social media: We will also become more active here in the future. We are currently developing a concept for strategically displaying our pages & Facebook groups (e.g. Airbrush4you, Airbrush & Friends, Airbrush, Pinstripe ..).
  • Airbrush in-house exhibition, unfortunately we have to have it canceled in 2020. The year 2019 left great traces of exhaustion with us. Therefore, we have decided not to organize an airbrush fair this year in order to concentrate on the shop structure. 2022? - We want to see!
  • Trade fair visits: We will be represented at various trade fairs as your specialist dealer. Which one exactly, you can find out here.
  • Airbrush-Cave: We are proud partners of the artist association of Sacha Schäfer, Julian Hümmer and Andre Eilers.
  • Airbrush courses, I also offer my airbrush courses in Schweinfurt every month. By renovating my studio, we have created a new charm. The opening of new art movements is also noticeable here. We were able to enter into a partnership with Kennter's Kunstraum, which also enables new experiences for airbrush artists.

The greatest success, however, is that the successful restructuring & realignment means that I can take more care of the art of airbrushing, innovations and developments. More time for airbrush & you. <3

I am looking forward to 2020 and hope for your orders.

Your #airbrushdealer

Review 2019

Hello loyal customers and fans,

I welcome you to my personal news ticker. As mentioned at the beginning, I would like to inform you about my ideas, innovations and current developments and to give you an insight into the inner workings of airbrush4you.

At the beginning, however, I would like to start with a brief review.

I started doing airbrush in 1992 and have seen many ups and downs of the scene since then. Starting with painting on order, my own training concept, a stationary trade in the small town of Schweinfurt, I have developed into an online retailer for airbrush needs. As the host of a total of 5 airbrush fairs, I have always been loyal to the scene and I am still associated with it.

But the last few years have been an enormous ups and downs for me. The increasing dynamics, the price war, the shrinking of the markets (including Amazon & Ebay, internationalization etc.) have robbed me of my enthusiasm at times. Despite the external influences, I see airbrush4you as the specialist dealer on the market. My competent staff, individual advice and daily shipping is the identity of the company. The change in the markets, as well as the chance of survival as a "small online trade" was threatened!

But a retreat was out of the question for me because I am too attached to the scene and the art of airbrushing. Airbrushing is still a niche market and I didn't want to get involved in a rigorous price war. Outsource products to ship cost-effectively? - Not with me!

However, it was not possible to continue as before. Inefficient workflows, faulty deliveries to customers caused by themselves, and the rising price war and cost increases on all sides led to a rethinking of the business strategy.

But how can you take a step forward without revealing your airbrush identity? - For this I sat down with my son Sebastian at the end of 2018 to make my company fit for the future. As a management consultant, he sees the business world differently than an artist. But what we have in common is the view of the customers. It turned out to be a great combination: passion, passion & the view of the company as a whole.

After an intensive phase of the market analysis, we decided to think bigger. As a result, we turned every stone over in 2019.

A brief overview:

  • New ERP system & shop design
  • New internal work processes and work tasks
  • Training of our new employee Verena
  • Range adjustment of the existing airbrush range


s it is difficult to remain on the market as a pure airbrush niche dealer, we have expanded our range considerably. Our expertise is art, so why don't our know-how open up to other art styles? We have thus expanded our range and can call ourselves THE ART MARKET in the Schweinfurt region + 150km. We want to be stronger in the region in the future and have therefore changed our company name from "airbrush4you" to "Herterich - Airbrush & Künstlerbedarf". This has a significant impact on regional acceptance. But don't worry: airbrush4you is and remains our DNA.

Our know-how in terms of art supplies and online shopping has given us the idea of ​​creating a "partner shop urban-toolbox". The product selection will consistently differ from airbrush4you. The target is customers from different art styles, especially urban art. This is the new project from Sebastian. The advantage, I can take care of my passion airbrush & my online shop in the future.

The aim is also to put the forum on a solid footing. Unfortunately, I also neglected this last year. After the investment in the new GDPR and an installed slide show, I currently have none of those who support me with the technical administration. Here, too, I want to breathe new life into the forum with the right partner.

The new year will bring many new projects. I look forward to it.

Your #airbrushdealer

recoomendation from your Airbrushdealer
Aero Color Aero Color
Content 28 Milliliter (€24.64 * / 100 Milliliter)
From €6.90 *
Lube by Iwata | care products Lube by Iwata | care products
Content 10 Milliliter (€159.00 * / 100 Milliliter)
€15.90 *
Der Blaue Block-Image Der Blaue Block
From €5.90 *
K-UTG Gold Tape-Image K-UTG | FBS Gold Tape
Content 50 Laufende(r) Meter (€0.17 * / 1 Laufende(r) Meter)
From €8.40 *
BASIC Tones | CustomDesignColor BASIC Tones | CustomDesignColor
Content 100 Milliliter
From €11.90 *

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