Aero Color aero color | Total Cover

Aero Color - Total Cover

12 shades - for maximum opacity to black surfaces
11 Einpigmenttöne | 7 new sounds not included in the standard range
Matt surface
High light real (every 4 or 5 stars)
The ° Aero Color Professional TOTAL COVER ° with 12 tones, the perfect complement to the existing range. The semi-gloss and high-fading tones enable direct work on dark backgrounds, even in black. Your fully comprehensive character receives ° Aero Color Professional TOTAL COVER ° through a new binder and the selection of special pigments.

All sounds ° Aero Color Professional TOTAL COVER ° can be applied with an airbrush, liner and mixing techniques with a brush, and are mixed and combined with one another and with all the existing tones of ° Aero Color Professional °. All sounds are available and clearly in 28ml dropper glass bottle by the black label seen.

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