Airbrush Color JVR Kolor

JVR Revolution Kolors are a water based acrylic with a very high percentage of pigment.
These colours can be used undiluted with the airbrush or diluted with water and will work well with all airbrushes even the finest with 0.18 nozzle size.

The resin used in the colour makes them adhere to various surfaces such as wood, plastic, fibreglass and metal but can also be used on fabrics and are impervious to water and washable .
Once dry they become permanent and are resistant to fading from exposure to sunlight .

The JVR Revolution pastel colour series are a very opaque pigment.

The JVR KANDY colour is a transparent pigment and it is easy to achieve,
special shading effects using multi layers of transparent colours.
This paint can be used direct to the airbrush with out thinning .
They are harder to clean in the airbrush and are not suitable for painting on fabrics.

The JVR Revolution and KANDY colours can be blended creating endless variations and shades of colour.

The only non transparent KANDY colour is the silvermetal code 001
This is a metalic used as a basis for super bright effects.

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