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RichPen | MoBro plus

"MoBro+" a Beginner airbrush ? Others say: The ideal addition to the airbrush gun with exceptional quality.

"MoBro+" is a modified RichPen Apollo 113C with 0.2mm nozzle, polished airbrush needle.

  • Double action airbrush
  • 0.2mm nozzle
  • 0.3mm nozzle set included

This airbrush gun enables fine details to be worked out and medium-sized surfaces to be filled by converting the nozzle size to 0.3mm.

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MoBro + the little brother of the MOJO + is another RichPen airbrush gun modified by Mike Lean. Based on the APOLLO 113C, it is the ideal airbrush to round off your airbrush equipment. The MoBro + is a heavily modified airbush with a polished needle and has a lever that allows excellent control over the color.
Thanks to a new manufacturing method, it is possible to manufacture a finer needle point with a smaller size and a finer bevel.

MoBro + is a modified RichPen Apollo 113C with 0.2mm nozzle, polished airbrush needle. A nozzle set with a 0.3mm nozzle and needle is included for conversion for the design of medium-sized surfaces.



0,2 mm, 0,3 mm

Pistolen Variante

Double Action, Fließbecher Airbrush, Schraubdüse


Bilder & Illustration, Custom Painting, Modellbau, Tabletop

Ideal für:

Hobby, Profi