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RichPen | MOYO+ & MoBro+ Combo Deal
RichPen | MOYO+ & MoBro+ Combo Deal

RichPen | MOYO+ & MoBro+ Combo Deal

RichPen MOJO + and RichPen MoBRo + in a combo deal.

One premium airbrush and a workhorse airbrush made in Japan, perfected in the USA.

  • 2 excellent double action airbrush guns
  • 0.2mm nozzle in the MOJO +
  • 0.2mm nozzle included in the MoBro + incl. 0.3mm nozzle-needle combination
  • With new lever technology, absolute control over the amount of paint
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MOJO + is a RichPen premium airbrush gun PHOENIX 222C, which was built according to the specifications of Mike Learn. Through this cooperation, the excellent quality of the RichPen airbrush devices has been increased again. The Mojo + is based on the classic housing of the Phoenix and has an adjustable air valve and a modified lever. This enables an immediate release of the color with perfect atomization at low air pressure for ultra-fine details.

The nozzle cap and needle have been redesigned. A new manufacturing method made it possible to manufacture the needle tip with a smaller size and a finer bevel. All improvements lead to the best possible control to ensure the finest lines.
Every Mojo + is tested by Mike, polished and then signed and numbered so that you can also enjoy a precision MOJO + airbrush.

  • Double action
  • 0.2mm nozzle
  • adjustable air valve directly on the airbrush gun (Mac Control)
  • With new lever technology, absolute control over the amount of paint
  • Pre Set Handle

Why do you need a RichPen airbrush?

RichPen Airbrush were among the best airbrush guns in the world. And is now available again after 10 years.
Thanks to Mike Learn, the classic, the "RichPen Phoenix model" from the manufacturer Fuso-Seiko, is now available in a modified "MOJO Plus version". With the "RichPen Mojo Plus" another premium airbrush is back on the market. The "RichPen MoBro Plus" rounds off this entry-level airbrush gun series. Come and dive into the world of Mike Learn and grab the luck with your own "Mojo Airbush" - Mojo is a magical amulet and is used as a synonym for luck or as a good luck charm, says Wikipedia.

Get to know Mike and his MOJO + Premium Airbrush:



0,2 mm, 0,3 mm

Pistolen Variante

Double Action, Fließbecher Airbrush, Schraubdüse


Bilder & Illustration, Custom Painting, Modellbau, Tabletop

Ideal für:

Hobby, Profi