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Art Board | Airbrush Künstlerkarton, Illustrationsboard,

Art Board is an artist paper that was developed for the airbrush technique.

  • 1360gr
  • 1.5mm thick
  • usable on both sides
Content: 5 Stück (€6.98 * / 1 Stück)
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"Art Board" - a new generation of illustration board. The successor to the well-known Schöllerhammer 4G-thick board.

The "Art Board" is a pure, white paper with an appealing look and feel.

Characteristics of the Reflex Paper Manufactory Art Board:

  • 1.5mm thick
  • 1360 grams
  • Format: 70 x 100 cm / 50 x 70 cm / 25 x 35 cm
  • Suitability: airbrush, watercolor, with acrylic, tempera; Indian ink, gouache and possibly oil
  • USP: The front and back can be processed in the same way.

The new artist board "ART BOARD" is even purer and whiter than its "predecessor 4G thick". It looks and feels a little more elegant and can be processed on the front and back in the same way. Very good erasability!
This helps when trying out motif techniques, is easy on the wallet and also enables special presentation techniques in 3-dimensional space.
The new box is ideal for erasing techniques, from erasers and erasers to electric erasers. Scraping out paint with a scalpel is also much easier on the Art Board than on previous boxes - without destroying the surface. Anyone who likes to work with airbrush masking film and other special adhesive tapes will also enjoy it. The surface remains stable and does not fray. Cut edges are less visible than other boxes. The Art Board is specially designed for the airbrush artist and is therefore ideal for airbrush acrylic paints. Compared to other painting and drawing surfaces, the Art Board also allows watercolor techniques and working with acrylic, tempera, ink, gouache and oil. Acrylic can remain workable ("wet") for days with retarders without the board curling or changing size.