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A colorless masking liquid to cover easily worked image areas on illustration board, paper or other airbrush substrates. Undiluted applied with cotton or wooden sticks, writing or drawing pen. The color scheme is carried out only after complete drying. Then remove frisket with your finger or an eraser. Not more than two days left on the carrier and remove completely because the residual product may yellow.


  • colored colorless or blue
  • transparent
  • ammonia free 
  • odorless

Processing instructions: 

  • Shake before use.
  • Frisket neutral / frisket inked is ready to use and will, for example, Apply with cotton or wooden sticks, writing or drawing pen. (Do not use valuable brush!)
  • The product is miscible with water, but dries quickly on to a rubbery, water-insoluble film. (With water diluted product penetrates any deeper into the ground and can be removed u.U. worse!)
  • Clean tools immediately after use with soap and water or water and. 
  • containers immediately after use. Please masked image location until after the full Drying the masking fluid with aqueous stains such as Watercolor, gouache or AEROCOLOR Professional paint over. (Drying takes, depending on the layer thickness of a few minutes to more than an hour!) After drying, the ink layer can be removed by gently rubbing off with the dry, non-fat finger the rubbery dried-masking fluid. (Not deduct!) The product may not stay longer than 2 days on the support and it is essential to fully remove. Otherwise there is the risk of yellowing of the ground! Particularly soft, weak sized papers with structure such as Hadern- or Torchon papers are not suitable for the masking technique.
  • Containers immediately after use.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Protect from frost.
  • Individual preliminary tests are recommended
  • Contains: ammonia-free synthetic resin dispersion.
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