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Rz Mask - the stylish protective mask from the USA

RZ masks have an N99 Active CarbonFilter, which filters 99.9% of dust, particles, pollen and odors in the air. The filters are easy to exchange. Rz Mask were developed primarily for offroad sports. Under the helmet worn in the winter also a perfect protection from the cold. Due to the special design, the breathing air is directed to the outside, so the windscreen does not fog in contrast to the hoods. Rz masks are used successfully by race professionals, firefighters, soldiers, farmers and many others.

RzMask M1> Neoprene material ideal for cold temperatures

RZ-Masks M1 are made of soft neoprene, which fit tightly under helmets and goggles.

A comfortable material. Ideal wearing comfort under helmets and protective masks. The closed water-repellent cells keep moisture away and guarantee a perfect body temperature. Abrasion-resistant material in combination with high durability, ensure a long life of the mask and protect optimally against external influences.

RzMask M2> Honeycomb material ideal for warm temperatures

A comfortable material. Ideal wearing comfort, the mesh material allows for an air passage and keeps the skin cool and makes the M2 ideal for use in intensive activities. The ability to breathe the skin and provide cooling is the distinct advantage of the M2 compared to the M1.

Available sizes:

Regular: fits the majority of adults with normal head shape and a weight of 65kg to 105kg.

XL: ideal for large, powerful people with a large head shape and a weight of more than 105kg

Youth: You are a petite person 45-65kg, this is the right choice.

Dual valve technology

A specially developed valve, which allows air flow in only one direction, allows the condensed water contained in the air to escape from the mask. Thus, the inside of the mask remains dry. An easy-to-use rotary shutter keeps the internal filter in place and prevents unfiltered air from entering the mask.

Activated carbon filter

N99 filtration is a cutting-edge technology that removes 99.9% dust and particles from the air according to the manufacturer. *

The possibility to change the filters on a regular basis guarantees a long-term constant filter performance.

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