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Broken Pinkies | Tidwell Brush Set

Content: 6 Pinsel (€6.25 * / 1 Pinsel)
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BROKEN PINKIES > 6 brushes that are worth it! Seriously!.....You are so good!

These brushes have synthetic bristles and can be used with enamel, resin, acrylic, oil paints or any other color.

Characteristics of the different brushes:

  • MULLET - Long bristles, flat, perfect for lettering, stuffing, etc... (Series # M / T - Mullet)
  • Scrubby - Short bristles, flat, all around a useful brush. (Series #M/T - Scrubby)
  • Scripty - Long bristle, square lettering brush for a million uses. (Series #M/T - Scripty)
  • PICK UP LINE - Long sharp bristles, what the Americans would call an "Amazing Outliner." (Series # M/T - Pick Up Line)
  • POINTY - Extremely fine detailed brush and outliner... I use it for everything. (Series #M/T - Pointy)
  • STUBBY- This is basically a number #2 with infinite uses. (Series #M/T - Stubby)

Not to mention that you are Florescent Pink. :)