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Nitram Baton

Nitram Baton

Nitram a unique system for drawing with charcoal. Elegant holder that can be refilled with the Nitram Batons, in a beautiful design for a new feeling of drawing.

  • Nitram Baton Holder
  • with 7 "Batons Mignonette" charcoal pencils
  • in a beautiful gift box
Content: 1 Stück
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NITRAM STYLUS the holder for the "Fusians and Petits Baton"

The NITRAM STYLUS lies comfortably in the hand and enables a unique opportunity to draw. The noble holder is suitable for holding the 5mm FUSIANS carbon blocks in degrees of hardness H, HB and B, as well as for holding the 6mm soft, round PETITS BATON.

The set includes: NITRAM STYLUS holder with FUSIANS carbon assortment 5mm square in H, HB, B and 6mm round. As well as a set of 4 colored caps to better identify the charcoal in the pen.

Note: The NITRAM charcoal pencils are color-coded to help you keep them apart.

  • Degree of hardness B = green
  • Degree of hardness HB = blue
  • Degree of hardness B = orange
  • soft, soft = yellow

The elegant holder for charcoal creates a new feeling for drawing. Artists who have worked with the unique charcoal drawing system rave about how easy and clean it is to work.

Nitram is the finest artist's charcoal whose focus is on the various hardnesses and special shapes. In this way, intense black tones and a wide range of soft gray tones can be achieved. The advantage of Nitram drawing charcoal is that it does not crumble or break even with more intensive work. Nitram charcoal is manufactured in a unique process that preserves the cell structure of the wood. This creates less dust and is also very easy to erase. The Nitram charcoal can be easily blended into one another with your fingers or a cloth.