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PIGMENT Set | Schnee

4 Farbtöne a´ 30gr zur Nachbildung von Schnee, Ruß, Asche

  • 73.101 Titanium White
  • 73.111 Green Earth
  • 73.113 Light Slate Grey
  • 73.116 Carbon Black ( Smoke Black)


Content: 120 Gramm (€11.25 * / 100 Gramm)
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The Vallejo Pigments, a selection of natural earth and synthetic pigments, have been chosen for their permanence, their excellent light fastness, and for the extra fine milling of their particles, which facilitates the mixtures and their application on models and dioramas. The range of pigments includes a series of colors selected for representing the wear and erosion caused by the conditions of hard use and exposure on vehicles and buildings, to reproduce the dust caked on the tracks of the tanks, the rust on the armour and the wide range of effects caused by the climate and geographic conditions of deployment. Pigments can be applied in their dry form, directly by brush on the model, since they have excellent adherence; they can also be fixed in place with Thinner when used to portray dry mud or accumulated dust. With Pigment Binder, the pigments can be used to create volumes, such as accumulated dirt and mud. Painting tools are cleaned with water.
Vallejo Pigments are not flammable. Please see also certified safety information of the product.



Farbsets, Medien, Malmittel




Modellbau, Tabletop

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