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Rohrer & Kllingner | Spezialreininger

Rohrers Spezialreiniger

  • entfernt Tinten- und Tuschereste
  • nicht geeignet für Materialien aus ABS- Kunststoffen und lösungsempfindlichen, wasserbasierenden Beschichtungen
  • farblos
  • angenehm riechend
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"Rohrer's Special Cleaner" - Cleaner for writing utensils removes ink and ink residues from feathers, fillers, and can also remove soiling through pencils, copying pencils, acrylic pens, felt-tip pens and label residues from all solvent-resistant plastic and plastic-coated surfaces as well as stainless steel, aluminum, anodized aluminum ,
The cleaner is not suitable for materials made of ABS plastics and solvent-sensitive, water-based coatings.
Before the initial cleaning, the material resistance should be checked in an inconspicuous place. Place the cleaner on a cloth, not directly on the surface of the material to be cleaned and rub dry.
Characteristic: colorless, pleasant smelling, anionic surfactants (below 5%), water-soluble solvents, additives and fragrances, flammable, not subject to labeling according to GefStoffV