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Dropper Bottle
Dropper Bottle
Versatile dropper bottle for craft, industry and bottlers. The economy bottle has a drip-splash closure for easy dosing of liquids such as paints, oils, additives, etc. The drip closure is absolutely tight on delivery, the tip must be...
From €1.00 *
Wash Bottle | Riser Pipe
Wash Bottle | Riser Pipe
Wash bottle made of transparent PE complete with riser pipe The curved spray tube can be moved so that it can be completely emptied (even overhead). Security: If the riser pipe is pulled out above the level, no liquid can escape in the...
From €2.05 *
Aero Color Leerflasche | 3Stck.-Image
Leerflaschen mit Pipette | 3 Stk.
The SCHMINCKE AERO COLOR® Professional empty bottle set contains 3 pipette bottles as a carton set. The empty bottles have a capacity of approx. 28ml. The pipette bottles are ideal for mixing your own color tones.
Content 3 Stück (€3.30 * / 1 Stück)
€9.90 *
Einweg Pipetten | Lösemittelfest
Einweg Pipetten | Lösemittelfest
Disposable pipettes made of PE-LD The scaling is up to 3 ml, the scale has a 0.5 ml graduation. Very good reproducibility of the number of drops per milliliter. Pasteur pipettes can be deep-frozen when filled or, if necessary,...
Content 10 Stück (€0.20 * / 1 Stück)
€1.95 *
5er Leerflaschen Set | 20ml
5er Leerflaschen Set | 20ml
Bottles with special screw cap for a precise dosage of the color. Capacity approx. 20ml
Content 5 Stück (€0.98 * / 1 Stück)
€4.90 *
Pro Color | Leerflasche 30ml-Image
Pro Color | Leerflasche
Leerflassche aus Kunststoff, nicht lösemittelgeignet.
From €3.20 *
Badger | 22ml Glas mit Deckel-Image
Glas mit Deckel | Badger
Glas für wasserbasierende und lösemittelhaltige Farben.
From €3.00 *
Mischbecher 385ml-Image
Mischbecher / Messbecher
Lack-Mischbecher mit Mischskala eignen sich zum anmischen von Auto-Lack, Füller und Lasuren. Volumen 385ml Skala 300ml
From €0.50 *
Becher | 25 Stk.-Image
Pappbecher | 25 Stk.
Content 25 Stück (€0.06 * / 1 Stück)
€1.50 *
15ml Glas mit Kunststoffdeckel | H&S-Image
Glas mit KS-Deckel | 15ml
Empty glass with plastic lid. Capacity approx. 15ml
€3.00 *
Leerflasche m. Tropfdeckel
Leerflasche m. Tropfdeckel
Crystal clear PET bottle incl. Dropper lid in various sizes. Suitable for water-based paints, color visible at any time.
From €2.50 *
5pcs empty bottle Set
5pcs empty bottle Set
Bottle with dropper | Set of 5 bottles Material PET Solvent resistant 50ml filling quantity
Content 5 Stück (€1.98 * / 1 Stück)
€9.90 *
Mixing Bottle 35ml
Mixing Bottle 35ml
€1.00 *
CDC Leerflasche, lösemittelfest
CDC Leerflasche, lösemittelfest
100ml Flasche Custom Design Color
€2.20 *